Message In A Bottle


Tasting the top of the cream from the Wee Isle Dairy milk bottle evoked many childhood memories of my first year milk project at secondary school.

Compiling letters to the Milk Marketing Board with a visit to a dairy farm (watching the cows being milked) really makes you wonder whether there is a need to return to using milk in the traditional way with the iconic glass bottles.

Not only does it look much more stylish in a bottle, it also packs a nutritional punch with high quality protein.

Milk is probably one of the most underrated of all foods, but its health qualities are phenomenal.  With very low calorie content (only 65 calories per 100ml), low fat content (only 4%, even in full-cream milk) and low carbohydrate (sugar) content at 4%, it is the perfect natural drink. Packed with Calcium and Vitamin D, it’s the ideal antidote for osteoporosis – but remember that Vitamin D is fat-soluble so only present in full-cream milk.

We need easy recipes to incorporate healthy food options into our ever-busier lifestyles. Using milk in milkshakes is an ideal solution – it is not often that something so healthy is so readily available.

Quick recipes

They all have the same base.

15ml runny honey

5ml lemon juice

150ml milk – full-cream, semi-skimmed or skimmed, to preference

50ml natural yoghurt


Add to the blender:

For Strawberry Milkshake, add 200g strawberries (1 cup)

For Banana Milkshake, add I medium banana

For Raspberry Milkshake, add 200g raspberries (1 cup)

For fresh Mint milkshake, add 1cup fresh mint leaves

Then simply blend to perfection!

Wee Isle Dairy milk is available from several outlets throughout the Lothians – website for further information of suppliers.







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