Chocolate Goes Grown-Up

Set up in 2011, the Grown Up Chocolate Company makes ‘the kind of chocolate reminiscent of what we ate as children re-imagined for grown ups’.

The chocolate is all made by hand and consists of 41% of pure cocoa solids, which, the company says, is far higher than the market standard of 18%. It’s very noticeable in terms of taste. Think after-dinner petit-fours in a classy restaurant or an afternoon-tea treat with a good cup of coffee. Think sophistication.

If your current idea of chocolate heaven is to scarf down a family size bar of fruit and nut at the pictures or the late night pilfering of your 7 year old’s chocolate buttons (followed by a bout of outrageous storytelling when he, puzzled and sad, searches the empty cupboards)* then it’s time to retrain your taste buds

We were very generously sent a Valentine’s Day Tasting box. That alone was a treat -  chocolates straight to your door? How very decadant! Nineteen chocolates and one mini bar in a nicely matt, unusual cardboard box. (That’s 205g/£15.00)

The flavours weren’t the Champagne truffle or the passion fruit and strawberry listed on the accompanying blurb (disappointing, but we got over it!) and a good selection was included: salted caramel, coffee, spiced biscuit, orange marmalade, to name the favourites.

The mint square tasted like fresh mint leaves and I could have eaten a whole box of them. Then I tried the vanilla, and it was okay but… And isn’t that always the way? However handmade and grown-up a good box of chocolates is, there’s always one that you can take or leave…

…And that’s where the Grown Up Chocolate Company comes into its own. Move over Willy Wonka, here you can pick and mix your own chocolate bar:

First you choose your chocolate (milk, dark, white) and then up to three ingredients from a selection of swirls, spices, fruits, nuts and treats, before designing your personalised wrapper based on a selection of any-occasion templates.

So, if your secret vice is Szechuan pepper, papaya cubes and pumpkin seeds, or cinnamon, white chocolate swirls and lemon bits, or, mint, mint and more mint, then you’re covered.

If you’re quick there’s still time to order for Valentine’s Day, but don’t limit yourself, these are excellent anytime treats that don’t need any more excuse than that you fancy a chunk of good chocolate.

To order online or to find your nearest stockist go to:

*These are both theoretical examples only. Obviously.


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