Edinburgh For Under Fives

‘Edinburgh For Under Fives’ is a must have guidebook for Edinburgh families with young children.

It has come a long way since its first print run in the 1970’s but a certain lady has remained central in its journey over the past 30 years.

Kathy McGlew is now in her 70’s but it doesn’t stop her from having a keen interest in what there is to do in Edinburgh for families with young children. Originally from Massachusetts, Kathy moved to Edinburgh with her husband in the 1970’s and became a breastfeeding advisor for the NCT. She went on to have 3 children in the city and soon became aware that Edinburgh at this time was not set up for Mums and youngsters.

So, with a group of liked minded Mums, they produced a basic ‘Parents Pamphlet’ which was to help parents know where they could go in town that was child friendly and had changing or feeding facilities.  This pamphlet sold out straight away and over the years it became big. Before they knew it, it had grown into a glossy guidebook that is now stocked in many shops across the city.

This guidebook book has now become part of many families lives. But times are changing and the current committee has become increasingly aware that less people reach for a guidebook and more tend to rely on their phones and the web. So, with that in mind, the books’ committee and editor have worked alongside a local web designer, ‘Bad Dinosaur’  to produce a brand new website which can be used just  like an app.

It’s been designed to have maps, easy search functions and is very mobile phone friendly.  This new website has been recently launched to celebrate 3o years of ‘Edinburgh for Under Fives’ and is being constantly updated with new events, classes and places to go for parents to keep their children happily entertained.

For those who still prefer to thumb through a book, it is available to buy from Waterstones and many other Edinburgh outlets for £9.95 and comes with 1 years free web subscription. The online subscription is £5.95 for the year alone.  It makes a great gift for those about to embark on maternity leave, are childminders or perhaps like Kathy are grandparents too.

Visit www.efuf.co.uk


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