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Thursday, October 5th, 2017 at 1:45 pm
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Ally Bally Bee – Lift the Flap Book

Ally Bally Bee must be a favourite Scottish song world-wide with children and parents.

As it opens with nonsense words, small children are instantly engaged with sounds they can copy. The song refers to children asking for a sixpence to buy sweets from a Robert Coltart (Coulter) who went round the doors rather like the ice cream vans of today.

There’s even a message about the pitfalls of eating too many sweets!

Floris have put all this into a new board book for wee ones, each page having a surprise hidden under a flap – a device just adored by inquisitive fingers.

Kathryn Selbert’s illustrations are charmingly simple, if not particularly Scottish (she is American) and my granddaughter loves it. Not so sure about my singing though…

An old favourite from Floris Books. £6.99


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