Featuring new paintings by artists’ Jan Coventry from Portobello, Edinburgh and Susan Dawson from the Isle of Skye, Ùrlar runs from Saturday the 2nd – 14th Sept at the Edinburgh Ski Club, 2 Howe St.

Ùrlar is Gaelic for ‘ground’ or ‘returning to a theme’. Susan and Jan draw inspiration from the Scottish landscape near Edinburgh and in the West Highlands, continuously examining the themes of land and sea. They last exhibited together in Edinburgh in 1997 at the Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, so this is a special event which demonstrates the maturing of two artists, both working outdoors against the backdrop of the land and seascapes of Scotland, during the first decades of the 21st century.

Jan Coventry

“A successful painting has to have something of you and your experience within it….. I like to sense the search in the painting” Richard Diebenkorn

Jan uses colour and gestural brushwork to capture and evoke the mood of the environment and the moment of mark making when working in the landscape. During her Post Graduate year at Edinburgh College of Art, Jan travelled and painted in the South of France. It was there that she began to work outside, in the landscape. She has continued to work with landscape as her source of inspiration, painting and drawing outside then returning to her studio in Portobello to develop the ideas.

When working in the landscape she responds directly to the shapes, colour, light and forms that stir her. In the studio she continues the search to express what she felt about a particular landscape. This search can lead to a distillation and abstraction of the original marks.

The figure paintings are based on life drawings. By selecting a part of the figure, working on a small scale and adding colour as a response to the pose, the images can become more intense jewel-like landscapes of the body.’

Website: www.coventrywaugh.weebly.com   Contact: jan.coventry@btinternet.com

Susan Dawson

  ‘I work outdoors and often become fascinated by one part of the land or sea, continuously sketching and painting in different seasons and weathers, abstracting the patterns, colours and textures.’

Susan is a contemporary landscape artist working in mixed media, she lives on the Isle of Skye on the wild west coast of Scotland. Since leaving Glasgow School of Art in 1988, where she studied Embroidered and Woven Textiles, she has portrayed the rich layers of colours and textured surfaces found in the ever changing Scottish landscape through weave and mixed media.

Susan’s past focus on the earth patterns and textures of the Moorfoot’s in the Borders whilst living in Edinburgh has progressed onto more expressionistic land and seascape studies inspired by her surroundings on the Isle of Skye. She now teaches on the Isle of Skye and works mostly out of doors studying her favourite beaches and moors. Her most recent work has been capturing abstract textured tidal patterns at different times of the day and year.

Website: www.susan-dawson-artist.com    Twitter/Instagram: @suedawsonartist

Contact: sueincramond@gmail.com


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