Meet Me At Dawn

This is a play about grief and loss – a powerful evocation of mood and emotion. Only two characters, Robyn and Helen, with only a canted over old sink on stage. Minimalist theatre, maximum impact.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Neve McIntosh give 90 minutes of pure acting power at the Traverse Theatre in Meet me at Dawn, written by Zinnie Harris, directed by Orla O’Loughlin.

The story is hard to summarise without revealing too much. There has been a boating accident, the two friends and lovers are marooned on an island; there seems little hope of rescue. Helen is upbeat, optimistic; Robyn is fearful, wretched and lost. To say more would be wrong – events unfold, the situation alters. You must experience this for yourself. All is subtle, slow, and sure – a pitch perfect development of mood and feeling and loss.

Zinnie Harris is having a moment at this year’s Festival – three to be precise. This must be a record for any playwright to be so well represented. She seems to have a magic gift of expression, whether lampooning society or focusing on intense personal emotion.

Some theatrical experiences are everything but the kitchen sink. What is the opposite? This, in its clarity of form and expression. Pure, skilful theatre, pure Traverse.

Until August 27th at various times.
Traverse Theatre


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