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Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 3:39 pm
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Max and Zap at the Museum

An exciting treasure hunt through Scotland’s past features in another fun children’s book by Molly MacPherson.

Max is just an ordinary boy who goes to visit a museum with his Mum and his little sister. But when he tries on a shiny suit of armour from the dressing up box, the creatures in the museum come to life — and not just the creatures in the museum — Max’s toy robot Zap comes to life too.

They meet Mary Queen of Scots whose jewels have been stolen and who asks Max to find them. She shows him a clue which leads to one of the jewels — and another clue.

While Max and Zap search for the answers to the clues and collect the jewels they have to brave live dinosaurs and wild animals that lived in Scotland millions of years ago. Finally they complete their task and return the stolen jewels to the Queen. When Max takes off the armour, everything returns to normal and he wonders if he imagined it all.

In this book we have a fun way of learning about the ancient history of Scotland, its geology, flora and fauna.

Natasha Rimmington’s illustrations are simple, but intriguing and offer an adventurous look at the museum.

Six year old Johnny gave it a big thumbs up. He was able to try to read the clues for himself, as well as following and engaging with the story and trying to spot the hidden jewels before Max (or Zap) found them. He particularly liked the way the exhibits suddenly came to life and “really really” liked Zap.

Published by Floris Books. Price £6.99

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