Wind Resistance

One woman, her guitar, some stunning sound effects, and a changing background – result, two mesmerising hours. Karine Polwart in her first scripted performance has produced a work alongside Lyceum’s David Greig that is lyrical, emotional and honest.

Basically a love story about the richness of her home environment around Pathhead, she shares with us the history, folklore and diversity of this most beautiful part of the world and weaves it all into a universal tale of life, loss, and regeneration.

Through reminiscence and song she tells us about Will and Roberta, who lived there in 1919, the arrival of two thousand pink-footed geese each year to Fala Flow, and the amazing story of Soutra Aisle, a hospital and early monastery on the pilgrim path where the monks used herbs found in the area to cure and soothe those whom they cared for.

This is a part of the world I know and love and I was hooked. The landscape and vistas are lovingly described , the wildlife are evoked and cherished.

Karine Polwart moves after the interval to more personal experiences, linking all like the skein of geese, who move together through teamwork and co-operation to fly their way through wind resistance. There are stories of childbirth and tragedy, stories of football and triumph. For Polwart is a magical storyteller, and can link all her themes into one great universal truth. Her voice and vision are sure and true. At the end – a standing ovation, and many soggy handkerchiefs.


Until August 21st at Rehearsal Studio, Lyceum


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