The Confession of Stella Moon – Shelley Day

Stella Moon is released from prison, wearing the clothes of her dead mother – the woman she was jailed for killing.

Stella’s on her way home, until she realises that home no longer exists…

Over the coming days, Stella moves between her missing grandmother’s boarding house, now half derelict, and the abandoned beach hut, that were her childhood homes. Both abound with uneasy memories and the spectres of family and friends – eccentric, macabre, curious – that have formed Stella into the strange and estranged woman she is today.

When present and past collide, it’s up to Stella to confront both, and get her life on some kind of even keel.

Shelley Day’s debut novel is a haunting tale in all sense of the word. From the outset, it draws you in to a world that is both strange and unsettling recognisable; it’s like looking down the wrong end of a telescope or through a filtered lens. It is creepy, dark, and full of twists and turns – both in psychological terms and in the plot.

Stella is a victim, a heroine, a lost little girl, a woman finding her way; in other words, a highly complex character. Did I like her? Not really, but I was intrigued by her – and the same could be said for most of the cast of characters. And that Day could make me care about what happened to a bunch of people I didn’t much like is only one of her immense skills as a story-teller.

The Confession of Stella Moon is a gripping, unusual story. I have a feeling there is much more to Stella than we discover in this novel alone… and there is certainly more to Shelley Day.

If you like psychological thrillers with atmosphere, this is definitely for you. Highly recommended.

Published by Saraband.


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