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Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 12:01 pm
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Love and Canine Integration

What happens when you fall for a gorgeous German model with a manipulative uber-intelligent rabbit-hunting dog? Guy Masterton (pictured) can tell you, and does in his one man show “Love and Canine Integration”.

In this autobiographical confession, Masterton takes us through the many intricacies of his life with Brigitta and her hellhound Nelson, a patch-eyed cutie who bit, fought, and outmanoeuvred Masterton at every stage of his early days with Brigitta, and continued to blight his marriage.

Mastterton is a master of delivery, and can impersonate Nelson to a canine T. We can actually see the little shite as he claims his rightful place as the number one man in Brigitta’s life. Even the birth of the Masterton first child did not shake Nelson’s certainty – he knew who his progeny was.

This is an amusing and entertaining hour. Masterton has a good grip on his script and carries his audience with him. It’s good fun, witty and very entertaining.

Comedy; stand-up; solo show.

Assembly Roxy til August 28th at 5.40pm


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