Eurobeat Moldova

Oh the power of Festival critics! I set off most reluctantly to see “Eurobeat Moldova” on a night of non-stop lashing rain, having read the most damning one star review of the show in that day’s newspaper. I expected noise, boredom, and ennui – I found instead an absolutely delightful entertainment that fizzed and sparkled with life, colour, wit and excellent tunes.

The idea is that little Moldova is hosting a ten country Euro song contest with no cliché left unturned. A well executed cliché is a clever cliché, and the songs in this show are clever. So we have Poland’s big soul ballad, Ukraine’s thumping factory beat, Sweden’s existential angst, along with Spanish cojones, Dutch fingers in dykes, and Vatican singing nuns. Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson are the musical brains behind the show, while Rula Lenska and Lee Latchford Evans are the masters of ceremony.

The audience are given little flags to wave, and are encouraged to support their given nation. Katya Kokov (Lenska) has the dry wit and caustic cynicism that befits an ex KGB member – and her outfits reflect the Eurotrash ideal of sparkle and shine. The singing, dancing cast are vivacious and energetic, great costumes, eye-catching background videos, bright, high-impact lighting.

We are encouraged to vote by text, and results delivered on screen from each nation – just like the real thing. I spotted Simon Callow as a national host, and suspect other weel kent faces were to be seen among them.

All in all a cheery little number to round off the day – and for this Festival critic, worth getting a soaking.


9.45pm at Pleasance Grand until August 29th – NOT 16th or 23rd


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