Baby – Marie Campbell

You don’t have to talk to me about ridiculous. It’s funny what grief does to you…

‘Baby’ is a psychological thriller from Edinburgh-based debut author, Marie Campbell.

Jill and Michael are having a baby, but that needn’t mean settling down and becoming complacent. Michael always was the type to come home late and go drinking on a Friday evening, and Jill doesn’t want him to change on account of the baby. After all, this is the man she loves, the man she chose to have a child with.

When Michael doesn’t return one night, Jill worries but trusts he’ll be okay and lying beside her when she wakes up the next morning. However, upon waking, she realises she’s still alone. She tries calling, but his phone goes straight to voicemail every time and he’s not returning her texts.

Days pass, and then weeks, with no Michael, Jill searches the streets of Edinburgh, calls everyone they know, and reports him missing to the police. To her disappointment and intense frustration, they all seem to agree that Michael has upped and left Jill, having gotten cold feet about the baby. Only Jill believes that Michael still loves her, but even she is starting to waver in her belief.

Meanwhile, Michael has met Anna – an ex-girlfriend he’s never told Jill about. Anna will do almost anything to get what she wants. But what does Michael want? And time is ticking for Jill’s baby -with only five weeks to go, will Michael be back in time for the birth?

Baby is a captivating thriller which explores the darker side of maternal desire.

Baby is published by The Conrad Press and is available as an eBook and paperback.

Marie Campbell can be reached via her website: and is on Twitter as @mariecampbell72


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