Women’s Health Research Study

Are you a woman aged 60-80 who is probably underweight? Dr Daniel Crabtree at Edinburgh Napier University would like your help with a research study examining how diet, nutrition and exercise might affect concentration and mental focus.

Ageing can cause reductions in physical and mental function, which may reduce independence and contribute towards poorer diet and reduced physical activity. The factors that influence energy intake and physical activity in underweight older individuals is therefore clinically important.

My name is Dr Daniel Crabtree and I am an Exercise and Health Studies Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University. I am currently conducting a research study examining the effects of cognitive function, specifically focus and concentration, on diet, nutritional status and physical activity in women aged 60-80 years who are underweight

Am I Underweight?

I am currently recruiting underweight women aged around 60-80 years to participate in this study. For the purposes of this study underweight will be classified as a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5-20 kg/m 2. Not sure what your BMI is? No problem. Body mass index can be calculated as your weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of your height (meters), or BMI = weight (kg) / height (m2). If you are still not sure what your BMI is, then please feel free to contact me and I will calculate it for you. If your BMI falls within the desired range for this study then you may be eligible to participate.

What Happens If I Participate?

If you are interested and eligible to participate in the study then I will ask you to complete two separate visits at Edinburgh Napier University, Sighthill Court Campus. During your first visit I will ask you to sign a consent form and your height and weight will be measured. I will also ask you to complete a number of tasks that will assess your focus and concentration and two short questionnaires. You will also be provided with a food diary and a physical activity monitor. I will ask you to record your food and drink intake using a food diary and to wear a physical activity monitor for a period of 7 days. I will provide you with the necessary written and verbal instructions about how to complete the food diary and you will be shown how to wear the physical activity monitor. Your first visit will last approximately 2 hours.

Following the 7 day measurement period, you will return to Edinburgh Napier University, Sighthill Court Campus to return the food diary and physical activity monitor, have your weight measured again and I will also ask you to complete one short questionnaires. Your second visit will last approximately 1 hour.

Are Their Any Direct Benefits To Me?

Other than contributing towards scientific research, are there any direct benefits to you? Yes! Following the completion of your two visits you will receive feedback based on your 7 day food diary and your 7 days of physical activity. Your feedback will include important information about your dietary intake and your physical activity levels, and how the data we have collected from you relates to the recommended guidelines for diet and physical activity. You will also receive a £15 gift voucher, which will be valid for purchases at a variety of high street stores, as a thank you for your participation.

What Will The Study Achieve?

It is hoped that this research study will produce preliminary scientific findings that will help to inform future studies that not only assess the impact of cognition in older adults on diet and activity, but also studies that implement interventions aimed at positively affecting aspects of cognitive function and as such diet and physical activity.

If you are interested in learning more about this research study then please do not hesitate to contact Dr Daniel Crabtree via email d.crabtree@napier.ac.uk or telephone (0131 455 5668).



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