Calum’s New Team

Ten-year-old Calum Ferguson has just moved to Caleytown from the Highlands and is trying hard to settle in. He is football-mad and soon makes friends with Leo and Erika…

…but most of all he really wants to impress the coach and make it onto the new school football team. First, he needs a decent pair of boots. Then he has to outwit Jordan McPride, who just happens to be the coach’s son.

Confessions first: I have to admit that most young readers probably have a greater knowledge of football than I do – and because of that, my five year old (to whom I was reading aloud) doesn’t know much about it either. However, that has all started to change with Danny Scott’s first book in the ‘Calum series’.

The book is very visibly appealing – ‘bright colour, big writing, funny shape’ says the 5 year old; all are compliments! (He also liked the fact that it’s funny and has a dog in it, and that there was a girl footballer too). It’s easy to read, with a manageable vocabulary (okay, we stopped to look up a few bits of football vocab!) and a plot that moves along quickly and realistically. Danny Scott’s enthusiasm for football and for good storytelling shines through, and Alice A Morentorn’s illustrations are wholly complementary.

Collectively called ‘Scotland Stars F.C.’ this series of books is aimed at 6-8 year olds who love football and like a good story. They are highly illustrated and equally good for newer or more reluctant readers, or for reading aloud. There are also the incentives of extras like collectible character cards and football tips, puzzles and games.

The next time we went to the park, we were playing football like Calum – well, in our imaginations!

Great choice for any young reader, especially one who likes football.

Published by Floris Books


In his day job, author Danny Scott works for the Scottish Book Trust, and you can follow him on Twitter at @ASimpleDan


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