Fluff – A Story of Lost Toys

In a world of odd size boxes, night-lights and little wooden beds, lives the slightly quirky Gingham family, a cheerful trio who travel the world to rescue lost and broken toys – and then tell their story.

Safe in their new home, the toys are given their own sound, some music that best describes them or their plight – and the range is fabulous, from hard rock to opera to contemporary – and then, of course, they need a name. So, it was Flatsie who didn’t quite miss the wheels of a truck, Disco Frog who got caught in a ceiling fan, and poor Fluff? He was narrowly saved from being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner…

The performance embraces an extraordinary and very skilful (and fun) combination of vocal sounds and movement, and with the addition of a roving mic to involve the highly enthusiastic primary-age audience, what’s not to love?

The set is surely every child’s dream – a cross between a luxury toy shop and Christmas – and there is a clever blend of old-fashioned storytelling, dance and mime, together with computers and a projection screen. It’s bright, it’s colourful, and it’s quirky.

The five year old’s verdict? ‘I liked Scary Doll’s music (the hard rock) and Humpty Hotpants’ noise (he, um, farts a lot) and I liked the funny faces they (the performers) pulled.’ When asked for marks out of 10, he said ‘one hundred.’ If the wild laughter from the auditorium is anything to go by, this was unanimous.

Imaginate’s intention is to promote, develop and celebrate the performing arts for children and young people; there is no question that Fluff is an all-round example of exactly that.

Devised by Christine Johnston with Lisa O’Neill & Peter Nelson, this is a production from Crea8ion Australia.

Playing at the Traverse Theatre until Sunday 5th June.

For ages 4-8 years. (Performance 60 mins).

For more information and to book tickets for this and for other Imaginate performances at various venues throughout the city, go to: http://www.imaginate.org.uk/




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