May Garden Favourites

Coreen Connell, Head of Propagation at Kevock Garden Plants, shares her ‘pick of the plants’ for the month of May.

white flowerMy ‘Plant of the month’ is Sanguinaria canadensis flore plena with its pure white double flowers that emerge before the leaves under over-hanging trees. The flower is spectacular and an added bonus is the leaf that unfurls below the flower and its unique shape likened to a huge clover is an unusual shade of green/grey – the leaves get larger throughout the season which compensates for the short flowering period. Sanguinaria is commonly known as Bloodroot due to the rhizome bleeding when cut. This small plant spreads slowly and is an asset to any garden prefers shade.

forest flameMy shrub of the month has to be unreservedly, the Pieris ‘Forest Flame’ due to it’s wonderful foliage this month where the new growth comes in a scarlet red and hence named forest flame. During this month this Pieris also blossoms with creamy white racemes of tiny white bells dangling between the ‘fire’. This shrub is suitable for any garden but prefers acidic clay soils (most of the Lothians).

mag treeMy tree of the month has to be the beautiful Magnolia, M.stellata particularly because of its star shaped white and slightly scented flowers covering this smaller and more elegant tree before it comes into leaf. This tree is ideal for the smaller garden and even in an urban environment. In warmer areas this tree would flower earlier than in May.

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