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Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 2:00 pm
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Board Books in Scots

I confess I was less than enthusiastic about the My First Scottish Series of board books. I felt there were expectations of all things Scottish that weren’t delivered. And so it is again with the latest two in the series:- My First Scottish Numbers and My First Scottish Animals. But…

Whilst I’m not sure that using Scottie dogs to count dogs, or putting a thistle on a rugby ball makes the items Scottish,  I’ve got over it. Kate McLelland has again produced two colourful and simple starter books for babies, with tough card pages, ideal for stubby, indelicate fingers.

My First Scottish Numbers covers the numbers one to ten using a castle, 2 bairns, 3 drums, 4 books, 5 coats, 6 toys, 7 balls, 8 wellies, 9 dogs and 10 treats (sweets and cakes!)

My First Scottish AnimalsMy first Scottish Animals actually gets a bit closer. The dog is a collie and from there we go to a seal, cows (highland of course, in the snow) a squirrel (red)  a puffin and some ponies (Shetland). The talent lies in depicting enough detail to identify the creature without overwhelming the child’s mind and this is something Kate McLelland does very nicely.

If you like the Scottish twist and enjoyed  My First Scottish Colours and My First Scottish Things That Go, then you will definitely want to add these to your collection.


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