Where No Shadow Falls

There were people she’d never met who had to answer for their sins and at some stage she’d face them and listen to their confessions.

In Peter Ritchie’s latest crime novel, Where No Shadow Falls, Slab McMartin, head of the renowned McMartin gang of Glasgow, is in decline due to ill health. His children, Bobby, aka ‘Crazy Horse’ and Big Brenda, should be next in line to take over the family business. Unfortunately, no one trusts them, not even their father. Instead, Slab’s ‘nephew’, Tommy McMartin, seems more fitted to the role. But when Tommy is found naked in a hotel room with the mutilated body of his gay lover beside him, it’s clear that he won’t be taking over anything. In fact, he’ll be lucky to survive his prison sentence.

Supervisor Grace den Herder is meant to be taking life easy. Soon she’ll be married, and with two children in tow she can no longer afford to have her work take over her home life. When she’s given the assignment of looking into Tommy McMartin’s prison suicide, she gets in over her head. Of course, that’s just what she most enjoys, not that she’d ever admit it to her fiancé, Jack.

When Big Brenda McMartin masterminds a failed drug robbery on the Logan gang, she comes out of it with a death sentence hanging over her. Will her own men remain loyal, or will they betray her trust just like everyone else?

Where No Shadow Falls is written from multiple points of view. With an ambitious plot line and an intriguing female detective, it’s clear that Ritchie has insider knowledge of criminal policing.

This is the fourth book in the Grace den Herder series. The previous books are (in chronological order): Noble Cause, The Shortest Days of the Year, and Red Sky in the Morning, all of which can be purchased on Amazon as both ebook and paperback.


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