The Forest King’s Daughter

The year is 1886 and Swedish teenager, Ingrid Andersdotter, is about to face a series of life-changing events. When Ingrid forgets to close the barn door one freezing cold night, there will be dire consequences for her family. To make matters worse, her attraction to the new school teacher leads to ostracism and shame.

Ingrid’s strong opinions and the pressure of the powerful village church to conform to ideas she doesn’t believe in put her at odds with her traditional community.Her only option is to leave her home and family. But is she brave enough to make an ocean crossing to a strange new land on her own, leaving everything she knows far behind? And will she find the freedom she dreams of if she takes such a risk?

Told through the lens of a Swedish fairy tale, Kendra Olson’s debut novel is an epic coming-of-age story. It is both a page-turning personal account of one feisty young woman’s determination to seek a better life, and the tale of many single women who emigrated from Sweden to America in the 19th century. It’s this that helps make the story so compelling.

Indeed, it is a story with several dimensions: part historical novel, part romance and part adventure; all are perfectly balanced for a well-rounded and very readable first novel. Ingrid is a strong and engaging character, there is humour, despair, hope and challenge; a great story. You will travel with Ingrid – and find yourself thinking about her long after the novel is finished.

The Forest King’s Daughter is published by Pilrig Press and is available as a Kindle eBook at:

Kendra’s name – as a reviewer – will be familiar to regular readers of the book review section.  Here, whilst eagerly awaiting the results of the HOME short story contest (for which Kendra is a judge), we turn the tables on her…!



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