The (Bath) Oil of Peace

I need a bit of Peace. Just a few minutes. It’s been a frenetic week of ups and downs, I’m tired, I’m rain-soaked and whilst there’s no wine or chocolate in the house, there is a slumbering five year old… Oh, I’d love a little Friday evening pampering.

Enter beatitude.

A bath oil isn’t going to bring world peace, but it can offer a little of the inner variety.  beatitude is a range of natural aromatherapy bath, body and face oils, which harness the power of pure, essential oils. The word ‘beatitude’ means a supreme happiness or blessedness, and it is the aim of creator, beauty therapist and aromatherapist, Rebecca O’Connor, to recreate that sense of happiness and promote relaxation.

Rebecca founded beatitude in 2011, and her pedigree is as pure as her products. With a degree in Bioscience and Health, she trained, and has worked at, leading aromatherapy salons from London to Scotland, and has lectured at the Edinburgh College.  Rebecca is assuredly local too, which is always an added bonus, as she explains:

‘It was my husband’s work that bought us to Scotland eleven years ago and also we were both keen to live somewhere with more greener space. We both fell in love with Gullane when we visited – I think for my husband it was the golf and I have always wanted to live by the sea, and now, with our two children, it is perfect.’

Beatitude-Luxurybeatitude is described, by Rebecca, as ‘well-being in a bottle’ – that bottle being beautiful French glass with the simple, elegant lines reminiscent of Chanel – and it contains one hundred per cent natural ingredients. On this winter Friday, I tried the Peace bath oil, but Patience and Joy are worthy alternatives depending on the mood you’d like to evoke.

Peace comprises ylang ylang, mandarin, petitgrain and cedarwood – all intended to soothe, comfort and relax – plus the plant oils of oat, camellia and peach kernel. It looks luxurious, it sounds exotic, and, most importantly, the heady scent (and a little imagination) turned my narrow tenement bathroom, cluttered with little boy bath toys, into a miniature spa.

At £25.00 for 50ml, it’s not cheap, but we’re talking pampering here. 50ml is designed to give you ten Peace-filled baths, and, believe me, a little drop goes a long way – this is not your jolly Mr Matey to be glugged into a mountain of bubbles – so err on the side of caution or the pure essentials oils could easily overpower.

I got more than my little bit of Peace, I slept very well too; high praise indeed!  If you want to treat yourself, someone else, or ask someone to treat you, the beatitude range is a lovely option.

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