Steve Jobs – Film Review

Not OK Computer, says Simon Walton (pictured).

Ah, the loveable Mac.  The middle class of computers.  How ironic that the man cited with founding the brand should be riven with the middle class angst that pervaded the lives of so many of the devotes of the brand.

jobs, s (Copy)Devotees, since most Mac users are not merely loyal, they’re evangelists for the logo – that bite from the tree of knowledge that so started it all.  If only that bite had the same effect on them as did Eve’s offer to Adam.  Let this film be that effect.

Ah, the loveable Steve Jobs.  well, not quite apparently.  A multi-billion dollar fortune may have insulated him from the sort of vengeance the CSA brings down on errant fathers of ordinary means, but no mountain of cash can rid him of the stigma of a life that mirrors his business acumen.

Can Jobs turn around an ailing career at the same time as turning around an ailing personal life.  Can he heal the deep wounds inflicted on the closest of friends and triumph over failure to come back as some sort of digital messiah.  Well, given that the director is Danny Boyle, not renowned for happy endings, and the protagonist is Michael Fassbender, not renowned for happy in general, the answer may surprise you.

If you’ve forgotten your devotion to the 1990s failure of Apple, Jobs abortive Black Cube and neXT projects, you may find this film an antidote to a very welcome traumatic amnesia.  If you spot Kate Winslet first off, in this most un-Titanic of roles, you’re sharper than a Wozniak-designed memory chip, or the slick scrip that processes the plot just as fast.

Showdown with the old boss, at the same time as showdown with the mother of the estranged daughter, at the same time as the reconciliation with said daughter and the launch of the transparent panacea to the personal computing age that was the iMac.  Would you be surprised if it all came together in one big happy ending?  All that’s missing is a snake metaphor, but, then again, Fassbender does keep his kit on throughout.  Would you Adam and Eve it.

Cert 15, Directed by Danny Boyle, on general UK release now.


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