Pilgrim of Slaughter – Douglas Watt

‘The people despise the appointment of Papists to the army and government. They scream of arbitrary rule by indulgence rather than parliament. They fear a standing army with Papist officers, while the Navy is neglected. Trouble is brewing across these Kingdoms. The King would be well advised to halt his policies immediately.’

Douglas Watt’s intriguing, standalone novel, Pilgrim of Slaughter, is the third in his series of murder mysteries set in 17th century Scotland.
It is the time of the Glorious Revolution and the streets of Edinburgh are overrun by Protestant mobs torturing and murdering suspected Catholics. When the Duke of Kingsfield is killed, lawyers John Mackenzie and Davie Scougall, are sent to investigate.

Davie is pleased when the lovely Agnes Morrison shows up at his office; he can’t help thinking she would make the perfect wife for him, especially seeing as his first choice, Elizabeth Mackenzie (John Mackenzie’s daughter) seems intent on marrying a Papist. When Agnes’s brother, George Morrison, invites him to join his business association he readily accepts. If Davie is to marry, he will need to better his financial standing. It’s during his first meeting that Davie realises the association is about far more than mere financial transactions, and while his own sympathies lie firmly with the Presbyterian cause, he does not wish to take part in the uprising. As the association’s members are slowly killed off, Davie realises that not only will he have to confess his involvement to Mackenzie, but his own life is also in danger. But can they keep ahead of a killer who, on closer inspection, may not be motivated by religion after all?

Watt skilfully reconstructs the political events of the period and weaves a convincing mystery around them.

Pilgrim of Slaughter is published by Luath Press Ltd. and is available now from Amazon and all good bookshops.


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