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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at 8:26 pm
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An Open Eye Trio

A vivid trio of artists are currently exhibiting at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh: Rosalind Lawless, with Transitions, James McNaught’s Looking for Fernando Rey, and New Prints by Andrew Restall.

Rosalind Lawless explains she is ‘continuing investigation into the notion of space and Architecture not as a container but as the contained’. Her complex technique involves building layers of colours, beginning with print-making, re-working with paint, pastel and collage. The inspiration for this current collection emerged from a set of sketches created during a Residency in Reims, France. She says ‘Even in the internal space of the studio (in Clydebank) I believe everything you work with is related to the room in which you are.’

Rosalind is the recipient of multiple awards since completing her MA in printmaking in 2004 and was elected RGI in 2013. She has also benfitted from a Royal Scottish Academy scholarship – the John Kinross Award –which took the form of a 3 month scholarship to Florence in 2002. (Her ‘Room Drawing’ is pictured in the header)

The next exhibitor, James McNaught, is ‘Looking for Fernando Rey’ Does he find him? Can we find him? You decide. James, an alumnus of FERNANDO REYGlasgow School of Art (elected RSW, RGI in 2007) describes his paintings here as ‘ominous and not to be explained with one particular narrative’. They can, he says ‘be likened to an architectural fantasy’. The buildings, evocative titles and street scenes with mysteriously shown tiny figures are produced using tiny brushes with great delicacy!

In 2010 James was honoured with RSW William Gillies Award, and at the RSA Exhibitions in 2014 the prestigious Walter Scott Award added to the collection.  He has exhibited from Australia, Germany, Holland and Hong Kong, to Saudi Arabia, USA, Costa Rica and Greece. (‘Fernando Rey and the Clergyman is pictured’).

The third in our trio, Andrew Restall, is currently displaying much of his work completed over the last four years. Frequent trips by road to Biggar from his West Linton home have provided inspiration and stimulus. The ever-changing landscape has resulted in a strong impulse to recapture and distil the essence of his memories formed along this route.

RestallA graduate of Edinburgh College of Art in 1994, Andrew later established the new School of Visual Communications there. Andrew previously worked for the Post Office designing stamps and related philatelic material. Between 1964 and 1983 he was involved in the design of sets of stamps for special occasions, notably the Commonwealth Games issue of 1970 and the Sailing Stamp of 1975. In retirement he has concentrated on painting, printmaking and making works of art by observing the changing landscapes in the Scottish Borders where he now lives. (‘Four Seasons: Autumn’ is shown).

Open Eye Gallery, 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QWE, telephone (0)131 557 1020 and email –

Opening Times Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 6 pm




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