Charlie Goes to Vogrie

Charlie is four, and like any self-respecting 4 year old, he knows a good park when he sees one.  Helped here by Marie Campbell, Charlie tells you why a trip to Vogrie Park is a lovely afternoon out – especially with children, or grandchildren in tow…

One sunny day in the summer holidays (well, kind of sunny), Mum scooped me into the car, packed a picnic, collected some friends and we set off. Obviously this was after a few debates about what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, where my shoes were and why I really need to wear sunscreen.  But anyway, back to the trip…

After about half an hour, we arrived at a place called Vogrie Park, in Gorebridge, just outside of Edinburgh. Mum read out some interesting information from a sign:

Vogrie4Vogrie (boggy place) lands were purchased by James Dewar in 1719. His descendant Lt Colonel Alexander Cumming Dewar built Vogrie House in 1876. The Royal Hospital for Nervous Disorders owned the Estate from 1923 -1963. Vogrie House was then used as the base of the Civil Defence Force until 1972. Vogrie was designated Scotland’s second country park in 1982.

However, when you’re four-and-a-half, this sort of stuff is a bit dull. I much prefer the play areas. There are two for toddlers, but I like to throw myself down the extra-long slide in the big kids’ area. Mum sometimes looks a bit pale when I do that. Not sure why.

The picnic areas are good, and there’s a cool pond that you can stand right at the very edge of. I’ve been lots of times and haven’t even fallen in once. Sometimes you are allowed to do activities like pond-dipping. I like to look for tadpoles.

Vogrie1 In the woods (there are lots and lots of them), I like to explore and look for really good sticks. Mum says the Gruffalo lives in these parts but I haven’t found him yet. Although there is an enormous snake made of wood, and some big chairs and a massive white bike (Mum says it’s a penny-farthing which I think is something from the olden days when she was young) so I think there are definitely some giants here somewhere.

This time, we went on a weekday, but on a Sunday afternoon, there’s a train just the right size for me (I think it’s called a miniature railway). It’s great fun and only costs one of those little gold coins for each person.Vogrie 3

Although we didn’t go in this time there is a café which I know sells ice-creams. It probably sells other things too. There are also plenty of toilets, lots of picnic benches and some nice gardens to run around at high speed.

I really like Vogrie Park. I think Mum does too. She told me to mention that there is a parking charge (another one of those little gold coins) and that there is a website with some really useful information.

House and woodland photographs credited to Tony Kelly (others to Charlie’s mum).

For more information on walks in Vogrie Park see Helen Todd’s earlier article, published on 23/07/13 under ‘Walks and Rides in the Lothians’.


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