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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 at 7:14 pm
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Fine Lines for the Festival of Art

This year the Edinburgh International Festival is giving great prominence to the visual arts through our fantastic network of galleries. For example, The Scottish Gallery is showing a whole range of constrasting works incoporating elegant porcelain, precious metals and fabulous wooden ‘sculptures’ in seasoned oak. These form part of the Fine Lines exhibition.

The Seas Gift to Man Brooch_Paul Preston_2007_yellow precious metals, beads and silk_5 x 5 x 2.5cms_high resA talk ‘in the round’ at the gallery was also an opportunity to see jewellery crafted by Paul Preston, also known as ‘The Red Mole’ who practiced in architecture before becoming a self-taught jeweller. After only two years as an architect Paul retired to Lands End to dive the waters for crawfish and the recovery of non-ferrous metals from wrecks. Inspired by the work of artist and sculptor, Breon O’Casey, Paul crafted beautiful results.

Also within the Fine Lines, there are elegant silver objects from talented women including Miriam Hanid and contemporary jeweller Wendy Ramshaw. When we add to this elegant mix Kirsten Costello’s beautiful pieces created in porcelain and precious metal, and Susan Hipgrave’s flower paintings on porcelain plates, the results are a joy to behold.

A surprise  comes in the form of imaginative and wonderfully crafted works in wood created by Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley. These are both practical and, one senses, enduring.

Over many years of reviewing art exhibitions, I have concluded it is not aways the most highly trained artists and craftsmen who produce work deemed by some critics to be superior to those self taught and inspired by their individual visions. This is not to criticise Colleges of Art and degree courses, more I want to underline the fact it is not essential to have attended a course in order to produce wonderful work.

Please go along and see for yourself before the 5 September.

6 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH36HZ,

Telephone 0131 558 1200

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