Fleeting Impressions of Jamie Primrose

The new Exhibition from renowned Edinburgh based artist, Jamie Primrose will be on show at the Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh until Saurday 20 June. This new body of work concentrates on the artist’s favourite city locations painted at different seasons during the year in varying light and times of day.

From The Royal Botanic Garden and Inverleith Park with lovely vistas of sparkling ponds, parklands and and pathways Jamie Primrose takes us ion a fascinating, magic journey.  He moves to the Water of Leith, though the Dean Village, Newhaven and The Shore.  Then, for the first time, Jamie has portrayed wonderful dawn and dusk views of Portobello Beach and across the glistening Forth. Continuing the water theme, are glistening autumn and winter paintings of the Union Canal and motifs of Polwarth Church and the boathouse, as well as pathways and bridges.

Jamie Primrose 'Red sky at night at Inverleith' 50cm x 50cm, Oil on canvasJamie Primrose was born in 1972, brought up in the capital and firstly attended The Edinburgh Academy, after which he obtained a BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University (1990-1994) Following this success he then stopped painting and travelled round the world, until, on a creative trip to Central and Southern America his passion for painting was reawakened. He still paints landscapes further afield than Scotland, including Central and Southern America, the South of France, Italy London and Venice. But one senses his home city of Edinburgh is where his artistic ‘heart’ is at its most powerful.

Jamie Primrose is now one of Scotland’s most prominent and highly collectable landscape painters and is in exclusive collections in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Australia and Hong Kong. In 2007 he was shortlisted for the highly prestigious Jolomo Award in 2007. Following his first solo exhibition at Edinburgh’s Dovecot Studios the upward trajectory of his skill and commercial success continues.

I want to let the artist speak for himself before you go to see the Fleeting Impressions Exhibition.

‘In my paintings I aim to capture that special, fleeting, single moment in time or ‘snapshot’ from dawn onwards or from sunset to sundown, when the light is changing rapidly. It’s my emotional response to and my perception of the relationship between the light in the sky, the myriad of colours, the atmosphere, architecture and landscape – which I am conveying at that very moment. Sometimes my feelings are communicated through a brilliant shaft of light streaming through the clouds, the eerie cal before a storm or the very last glimmer of light before twilight.

Jamie Primrose 'Autumn over Inverleith Pond' 80cm x 100cm, Oil on canvasEdinburgh and its surrounding area represents a strong element of who I used to be, who I am and it’s firmly ingrained in my psyche. I am continually drawn to capturing a timeless view of the majestic, historic city I grew up in as a child whilst also discovering new aspects and city vistas. In my work I am constantly exploring the juxtaposition of dark haunting moodiness and uplifting, shimmering light through my usage of medium and technique.’

The Dundas Street Gallery is situated at 6a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 11 am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5 pm. 0131 446 9510 Mobile 07947 243 418, email mari@jamieprimrose.com

Please go and enjoy!


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