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Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at 8:44 pm
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Contrasts and Keepsakes

The latest Exhibition at Edinburgh’s Open Eye Gallery features yet another set of excellent paintings, including the more unusual and unexpected works of Rachel Ross, and David Schofield.

Rachel’s exquisite paintings are deceptive and come with a ‘twist’. In the clear light streaming through the gallery it is momentarily possible to believe the paintings are, in fact, real objects – cutlery and kitchen implements, including whisks and spoons – encased in frames.

They are, in fact, paintings in acrylic, a novel way of making true art by depicting objects from everyday life. It’s something I certainly haven’t seen and enjoyed in this genre before. Rachel, who now lives and work in Edinburgh, spoke to me about her life, her background as an artist and how and why she had developed this unusual style.

RRoss_yellow_whisk_and_slotted_spoonRachel trained at St Martin’s School of Art in London where she obtained her BA degree in Ilustration. This is her second solo exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery. Rachel now combines work and family life, having built a studio  to the rear of the family home.  The strong light coming in, is, she says, ideal both for creating paintings and for storing her plethora of materials! She goes on to explain: ‘I am very drawn to creating work which represents objects as they are.’ Hence the cutlery, kitchen objects, books and delightful ballet shoes of the size worn by quite small children.

My personal favourite piece of Rachel’s work in this current Exhibition – main picture –  is ‘Collected Cutlery’, which shows vintage design cutlery, with a small piece of pink silk ribbon tied, almost flirtatiously round the handle of a very traditional spoon!

Reluctant SpacemanDavid Schofield’s work might be from a different planet.  Literally.  His dramatic oil on panel, with the title ‘The Reluctant Spaceman’  referring to David himself,  is clever, colourful and again, unusual.  David took a similar route to Rachel, in that he trained as an illustrator and Print Maker at Duncan of Jordanstone college in Dundee and then concentrated on commercial illustrating,  producing Theatre Posters and similar commercial art works. Hence, if you have ever wondered why so often these posters are so attractive, it’s because they are produced by ‘real artists’! Certainly, David’s love of colour and ability to use it to create quite stunning paintings is a trademark he has made his own and makes his work – like Rachel’s – a unique viewing experience.

Current exhibition running now until Wednesday 24th June.

Open Eye Gallery, 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6QE. Telephone 0131 557 1020. Email: 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4 (closed Sundays)





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