Lochrin Belle

The very name is enchanting.

Think canal boats…the carefully refurbished Lochrin Belle.

Think canals…the peaceful, undulating Union Canal.

Think Edinburgh…Fountainbridge, Colinton, Slateford, Westburn and further out to Ratho.

Think backwards…the fabulous history of the canal.

Think of the present…the community participation and investment in the life of this amazing boat as it cruises along the length of the Union Canal.

Think of the future…the only limit is your imagination! Wildlife cruises, team building cruises, tea parties and birthday parties and lots more.

Think people…knowledgeable and personable crew working alongside volunteers who have overcome life’s hard knocks, thanks to the Lochrin Belle and its partners (the Sorted project, Royal Edinburgh Volunteer Centre, Scottish Waterways Canal College)

Think sustainability…the Lochrin Belle is a social enterprise business run on a sound fund-engendering basis.

Are you tired, stressed out, bored of the shallow things in your life?

Me too!


My trip on this canal boat touched me in so many ways. It’s one of the best community projects I have seen for a long time. In addition, my husband’s wheelchair accessibility needs were also well catered for.  And whilst good accessible parking was a problem, this is now being addressed (and had nothing to do with the managers of the canal boat).

This project is a gem in the heart of Edinburgh. It makes the canal available to us all. It entertains, it educates, it enlivens; it’s pure enjoyment.

Do check out the website for more information:




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