A Second Chance?

When her relationship breaks up, Grace takes herself far away from her comfort zone as an events organiser in Edinburgh to work as an English teacher in South Korea.

There she meets high-powered American diplomat, Xander West, who sweeps her off her feet. But Xander is a man with a lot of baggage who likes his own way and Grace is struggling with her own memories whilst trying to adapt to a life overseas. What started out as a fairy tale romance becomes a Pandora’s Box…

Moving between Edinburgh and Seoul, the story highlights the culture shock that Grace faces on a day to day basis. Lucy James has created a witty and engaging heroine in Grace, and there is a lot of humour balanced with the more serious aspects of the life-changing decisions she has to make. Add in a host of fascinating supporting characters, and A Second Chance? has the feel good factor of chick-lit and something a bit darker, more thought-provoking, that makes it a very satisfying story. Read it to discover what exactly is Grace’s second chance – and whether she gets it.

This debut novel from Scottish author, Lucy James, comes at a time when publishing is changing fast.  A Second Chance? comes from Edinburgh-based Pilrig Press, and is only available in ebook format.  This is a production decision more and more small publishing houses are making in order to bring out good books at affordable prices. So, whatever your feelings about ebooks, dust off your Kindle (or buy one!) and give A Second Chance? a chance.

Available now from Amazon UK, priced £3.99.






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