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A Scottish premiere solo exhibition of prints by Japanese artist Nana Shiomi includes new work commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.
This exhibition will be Shiomi’s first solo exhibition in Scotland and showcases her recent achievement as a printmaker. As a Japanese artist who has been living and working in the UK, Shiomi has discovered that Printmaking is a perfect vehicle for her message. Shiomi’s method of Woodcut print is based on the traditional manner of woodcut print with water based colours onto fine, highly absorbent paper using a variety of hand printing tools. This element permeates through the work, influencing subject, style and approach in ways careful examination will reveal. The most important aspect of this exhibition will be the introduction of this rare method of printmaking to Edinburgh Printmakers’ audiences in Scotland.
As an artist who was born after Marcel Duchamp, Shiomi considers her work to be conceptual, using Japanese traditional imagery to express her message and philosophy. Shiomi expects that the audience will discover a new understanding of this world through her new works.
Shiomi will be giving a demonstration on Contemporary Japanese Woodcut Prints on Saturday 20 September 2014, 2 – 3.30pm. Nana Shiomi and Lesley Logue will discuss Shiomi’s work and the lineage of woodcut printing in the gallery space. The discussion will be proceeded by a demonstration in contemporary Japanese Woodcut Prints. Shiomi will demonstrate eastern woodcut techniques using vivid water-based inks and brushes instead of oil based inks and rollers. She will use a traditional bamboo Baren, a contemporary Baren which draws with small ball-bearings and other tools which she developed. The event is free but ticketed and the exhibition is open from 20th September – 1st November 2014

Access: Please contact us prior to your visit for assistance with physical access or interpretation
Venue: Edinburgh Printmakers
Address: 23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR
Telephone: 0131 557 2479
Web site:

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