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Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 10:06 am
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Love Byte

Set in Edinburgh, David Atkinson’s Love Byte is a quirky take on the theme of how to get on with your life after a loved one dies.

Andy Hunter leads a nice middle class life with his wife and baby, until his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Love Byte opens with Andy and his two year old daughter looking at a wedding video in which everyone, according to Andy, has died, including his lovely bride Lindsay.

Instead of indulging in the kind of self-pity another writer might have subjected him to, Andy is getting on with his life for the sake of his daughter, helped by a life insurance pay out that has cleared the mortgage and allows him to work part-time and by his mother-in-law. He is not insensitive to the tragedy that has befallen them and the fact that Amy will not remember her mother but David Atkinson chooses to write a touching but funny version of life after Lindsay.

As she was dying, the technology literate Lindsay preplans a number of blind dates for Andy through an agency, timed to kick in seven months after her death. So this is the story of those dates, some of which turn out to be hilarious, some amusing, some eye-wateringly touching and some all three, interspersed with emails and texts from Lindsay, explaining what she is doing and why.

It’s not an easy course to follow, but David Atkinson gets the balance just right and has produced a delightful romantic comedy that will make great holiday reading.

Love Byte is available here from Amazon

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  1. Helen Baggott Says:

    I read this book fairly recently and I loved it. Although I do enjoy a touch of romance, it was refreshingly low on saccharine and high on humour.

    Wonderfully balanced, this is a book written from a bloke’s perspective and all readers will recognise a mate or two!

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