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Friday, May 9th, 2014 at 1:56 pm
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Werewolf Parallel, book review

This sequel to the Daemon Parallel is another launch from the Teen Kelpies series. In that review, I pleaded for more from Roy Gill and here we are. I’m happy – and I bet plenty of young readers are too.

Cameron has now lost both parents and the grandmother who took him in and taught him about the parallel world which joins the daemon and human worlds. Living with Eve, the girl he rescued from a weaver daemon, and running his grandmother’s shop in Edinburgh, which trades between the two realms, we now find Cameron’s life of shifting between the humanian and daemonic worlds is under threat and the magic that once protected him and Eve and Morgan, his werewolf friend, is failing.

If the humanian world is ignorant of the daemon world, there are those in the daemon world who are just as ignorant of the human world, or who do not care about it. And two sinister figures, each with different motives, want to destroy the Parallel and everyone in it to separate the two worlds forever . In order to save the Parallel, the three friends all have to make responsible decisions about what is important. Morgan must sacrifice the freedom he loves and Cameron must sacrifice the gift that he loves. And Eve discovers more about her true identity.

In this pacy novel, Roy Gill again captures teenage banter and concerns perfectly, while producing what is simply a Good Read. However, the book does come with a warning not to read it under the full moon and I suspect that is good advice.

Werewolf Parallel is available from Amazon in both paperback and kindle

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