Along the River Almond Walkway – the Walker’s Route to Cammo

Cammo estate, on the north-west side of Edinburgh, is a wonderful place to lose yourself. Gradually revealed amid the profusion of late summer vegetation, paths entice you to follow them in various directions around the remains of the designed landscape. There are ruins, a walled garden, and a canal hidden amongst grassy glades, and some of the oldest trees in Edinburgh. Cammo is famous for its snowdrop display each year, but it’s certainly worth a visit at other times too. Cammo is heavily visited by local dog-walkers and the various car parks are well-used. But there is a much quieter way to arrive, from the River Almond Walkway.

I had heard tales of a newly upgraded path along river from Cramond Brig, so decided to check it out one sunny morning. Thanks to the hard work of the Council and Friends of the River Almond Walkway, a good route has been established which keeps high above the river and leads straight to Cammo. After a detour into the estate you can return to the path and cross over the river on the intriguingly named Grotto bridge, before returning to the start point along the other bank. From here you can finish the walk, perhaps with a drink at the Cramond Brig hotel, or else continue along the Walkway downstream. However far you decide to walk, this is a very pleasant way to spend a morning.

Directions: River Almond circular to Cammo – 2 miles

This route can be extended either by further exploration of the Cammo estate, or by continuing on for one more mile to the mouth of the river. The paths are good but there are some stepped sections.

River Almond from Grotto Bridge at CammoFrom Edinburgh bus station, take a First bus 43 bound for South Queensferry. Get off after the Barnton junction, beyond a pedestrian crossing. Continue walking to the bridge where there’s a sign on the left to the River Almond Walkway. Head down the path and join the walkway as it leads upstream to Cammo. The path eventually joins a road where you turn right and shortly reach an entrance to the Cammo estate. For this route, a circular option, continue straight on to the ruins of Cammo House. Here turn right and pass through the trees to a grassy area. Bear left to a junction and then turn right, which will bring you back to your start point. There are plenty of other paths to choose for a longer walk, and interpretation boards around the estate help you to find your way around.

On returning to the entrance, cross the road and rejoin the Walkway. This leads you to the 18th century Grotto Bridge where you cross the river and return on the other bank. After passing under the A90, you emerge in the car park behind the Cramond Brig hotel. Turn right and cross the Old Brig, then bear right through a wall to join the River Almond Walkway again, signed for Cammo. This time, follow a path to your left which leads up to the A90 and the bus stop back to Edinburgh.

Alternatively, at the Old Brig turn left and continue on the Walkway for another mile to Cramond foreshore. From here you can return to the city centre by Lothian bus number 41.

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