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Thursday, July 25th, 2013 at 6:54 pm
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Ben’s Funding Sends him to World Champs

Ben Witz from Penicuik  is celebrating after receiving a £300 donation from the MARS Milk Fund. Ben is a competitive lifesaver and has been involved in the sport for more than seven years. He has just been chosen to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships, which will be held in Australia later this year.

Ben, who is currently studying for a Masters in Sports Biomechanics at the University of Leeds, says, “I am excited to be going to the Championships; this is a fantastic opportunity for me and the team to really show off our hard work. “I am actively involved in Competitive Lifesaving. As well as competing, I am a committee member and I coach children at a local club to teach them about lifesaving skills at the beach and in the pool.

“I train 8-9 times a week and compete regularly in competitions, so it can get costly. This donation from the MARS Milk Fund will help pay for the cost of travelling to Australia, to compete in the Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships.”

A recent survey conducted by MARS Milk revealed that, despite seven out of ten of us starting the week with intention of spending at least two hours on our favourite sport or hobby, cost and tiredness invariably put paid to these plans. The MARS Milk Fund was set up to help individuals, clubs and groups to try something new or simply to spend more time playing their favourite sport or hobby.

The MARS Milk Fund runs until October 6 2013 and has five £300 awards to donate each week. The fund is open to residents of, and clubs and organisations based in, the UK and Republic of Ireland only. Applicants must be 13 years or over and only one application will be accepted per person, club or organisation. For more information visit

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