100 Year Old Agnes Still a Regular on the Bus

Bus operator, First Scotland East, has paid tribute to its oldest passenger, 100 year old Agnes Willens, from North Berwick, East Lothian.  It is widely thought that Agnes is the oldest regular user of buses in the UK. Agnes, who turned 100 on April 21, is a regular on X24 First Scotland East in North Berwick travelling from outside her house to the town centre.

First Scotland East bus driver, John Lyall, who is also First Scotland East’s Employee Director, said: “Agnes has been catching the X24 Service for as long as anyone can remember.  She is definitely First Scotland East’s oldest customer, and probably the most popular!  We can’t find any evidence of there being an older customer in the UK.  She is a real inspiration.”

John, who presented Agnes with a bouquet of flowers, added: “She’s very popular amongst our drivers, and we’re always keen to give her a helping hand if needs be, but she is extremely independent.  Agnes is very much an admired local character and extremely spritely for a centurion!”

Agnes said: “I enjoy my trips in the bus.  I’m very well looked after.  As long as I’m still fit enough I’ll keep using the bus.”

Agnes is also a keen dancer, explained her son, William Willens.  “She has always enjoyed music and dancing – in fact at her 100th birthday party she was up at least six times dancing to some of her favourite tunes.  She has never smoked or drank and was always a hard worker, which might explain why she is so youthful.”

He added: “Her 100th birthday celebrations have lasted a few weeks.”

Agnes was born in Wester Broomhouse, Dunbar on April 21, 1913.  She married her husband Thomas Willens in 1933 and the couple went on to have two children, William and Robert. Agnes is a regular visitor to the North Berwick Day Centre. 

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