Peter Cormack – from the Cowshed to the Kop

“Peter Cormack – from the cowshed to the Kop” details the near twenty something year playing career of the titular Mr Cormack against the backdrop of the 70‘s, mullets, flares and footballing mustaches. Fans who fondly remember Peter Cormack from his skilful midfield displays whilst wearing the colours of Hibernian or Liverpool will undoubtably love this book. It is well written and is filled with many anecdotes and honest insights into some of the true greats of the British game.

I must admit for somebody who has little if any recollection of Peter Cormack, let alone interest in his playing career, I found the book largely lacking any hook to maintain my interest. Long sections of the book provide a match by match commentary, the prose at times seeming to merge together into an unrelenting procession. Perhaps a true fan of the player or the clubs involved would find these sections more riveting.

At the best of times football books have a niche audience limited to fans with an urge to know more about a favourite player or team. I count myself as a fan, however, I find that there is a growing tendency for football books which are essentially a niche within a niche, going into the nth degree of detail in areas which only a select few may find interesting. This book for me falls into that category.

Despite these reservations, there are some highlights. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters detailing Peter’s management career. They provided real knowledge and revelation into the backrooom wheeling and dealing which has, and continues still, to blight football. Also, his descriptions of the heady days of summer footballing tours to North America revealed insights into a bygone age of brown envelopes. Perhaps best of all were the sections detailing Hibs’ European exploits, providing a heady reminder of the way Scottish teams should be playing.

The book portrays, with plenty of wit and charm, the career of a man who, by all accounts, is one of the footballing good guys — which makes a pleasant change of pace to every day revelations about the MEGA -egos of the modern game.

For an everyman, this book is accessible if ultimately forgettable, however for a fan of Mr Cormack, Hibs or Liverpool this book will undoubtably provide 5 star reviews. From the Cowshed to the Kop. My Autobiography is available here from Amazon

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