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Monday, September 5th, 2011 at 3:38 pm
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Dragon Seeker

The sixth and final book in Anne Forbes’ Neil and Clara series is a real thriller. The terrifying sword Dragonslayer comes to light after an earthquake shakes Edinburgh Castle. Although Lord Jezail believes himself to be master of the sword, the sword is master of him and the consequences for dragons everywhere are unthinkable.

Neil and Clara’s dragon friend Arthur, who lives with the Macarthurs under Arthur’s Seat, is particularly alarmed as memories of his last escape from the magical sword are revived. Arthur flies to the Valley of Dragons to warn his fellow fire-breathers while the Lords of the North muster to stop the wicked Lord Jezail and even the witches form an unusual alliance with the human children who are caught up in the search for the sword.
Magic and trickery abound and is anyone who they seem to be? This is probably the best book of  the series, although it is just possible to see the beginnings of a further series in the future!

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