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Monday, September 5th, 2011 at 2:49 pm
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Cloudberry Castle Ballet School Secrets

When Katie and her family inherit a nearby castle, they decide to turn it into a residential ballet school. This must be many a small girl’s dream – to live in a castle and to go to boarding school to dance ballet.

The second in this sure-to-be- popular series by Janey Louise Jones takes us through the first term at the school, where Katie and her new friends learn to manage their feelings of jealousy and admiration for those who are better dancers while striving to be the best they can under a star teacher.

The castle however has a surprise in store when they discover a statue of a little ballet dancer in the grounds and try to find out who she is and why the statue is there.

Janey Louise Jones was born in Edinburgh and brought up in East Lothian. She has been writing stories since she was seven. Her hugely popular Princess Poppy series has sold over two million copies to date and has been translated into several languages.  An enthusiastic ballerina as a child, she still adores the world of ballet.

There’s everything a little girl could wish for in this story from Kelpies.

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