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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 at 3:05 pm
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Wedgwood – a Prime Location with Top Class Value

Wedgwoods is located at 267 Canongate, no more that 200 yards from John Knox House, Edinburgh.  I chose to give it a try as I had heard so many good things about the standard of food, and value the restaurant offers.

There are up to 32 covers on the main floor, and 18 downstairs.  The tables were well spaced too, so no cramped in feeling here.  The small hand towels in the rest rooms were a nice touch.

The service was most attentive, ensuring I always had everything I needed, be it bread, butter or water.  In fact, this was one of the few restaurants I have visited where tap water was voluntarily offered! I was there for lunch in mid June, and took advantage of the three course lunch for a price which represented fantastic value  – £14.  There was also a two course option for £10.  Both were set menus, which included a meat, fish and cheese based starter.  There was also the choice of an oven baked ciabatta for a small extra charge.

I settled on the fishcakes, tomato coulis and caper salad.  Delicious. The main course choices were fish, pasta, or a beef salad. There was also a main special of Isle of Mull half lobster, available for a noticeable additional cost.  I was disappointed that there was no hot meat dish available.  For my main dish I enjoyed a delicate and delightfully tasteful pan fried pollock.

The options for sweet were a seasonal dish of jellied Scottish berries, chocolate and hazelnut terrine, and a sticky toffee pudding.   I chose the chocolate and hazelnut terrine with raspberries and sweet cicely.  This was a superbly satisfying dish to complete my meal.

All three of the courses were beautifully presented and the decor was very pleasant, with rich red walls, white chairs and table cloths.  I especially liked the fancily shaped, but perfectly practical salt and pepper containers!  The atmosphere was subdued, as only two other diners were present.  However, this would be down to the timing of my rather late lunch, 2.30pm.

What I liked best about Wedgwoods was not only that they provide an extensive choice of wines by both glass, half bottle and bottle, but also the method by which they select their wine producers.  They have personally met these experts on their travels, including those in Spain, South Africa or New Zealand!

I shall be inviting my wife to sample the delights of dinner at Wedgwoods one evening, and strongly suggest you go along too.

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