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Plantforms, an Edinburgh based Planting Design business, is running two courses this spring to help you develop plans for your own garden. Spring is nearly upon us and our gardens are waking up. Is your garden crying out for some TLC??

At Balerno Community High from this Thursday the 24th March there will be an introduction to planting your garden. The course is called ‘Planting Your Dream Garden’. During the course there will be presentations on how plants can be used in various ways in the garden. Everything from hedges to the pretties in the borders will be covered. Workshop style periods will be part of the course as well. During these sessions you will work up your very own planting plan. This will be a well thought through plan for your own garden – expressing all you’ve learnt from the presentations. There is loads to cram into the 5 lessons and there will be homework between classes too! So get set for the coming season with a unique plan for your garden.

To book contact Balerno Community High Community Education, see their brochure here for a booking form and contact details: .

If you can’t commit to all those evenings and have a spare weekend on the 9th and 10th of April then Plantforms is also running a weekend course. This is a more rounded garden design weekend with the Saturday looking at garden design generally and the Sunday looking at planting design. The course will be run in collaboration with Carol Gallagher McCulloch. She will lead the design day on Saturday and John from Plantforms will take the Sunday. The cost is £195 for the weekend and lunch is included. The venue is not in Lothian but the Rapha Centre near Braco in Perthshire. To book contact John or Carol, the details are below. Or see for more details.

It is a great time of year in the garden and as the sun comes out no doubt you will be thinking about yours. If you can’t make it to either of these courses and you are interested in having your garden re-planted then do get in touch. Plantforms is offering a 20% discount on all design fees up to the end of April. Planting up your garden in the spring or early summer is really the best time to do it. This way you get to see the plants establish and enjoy them over the whole of the season. It will be here and gone before you know it so get those boots on and have a good look around. If you need help or want to learn get in touch with John Frater of Plantforms.

Website : e.mail : phone 07732169351: Carol Gallacher McCulloch 01786880784


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