Calling Alistair Guild

Hello: I am writing in regard to a gentleman I knew while attending the University of Edinburgh in 1975-1976 as an American student participating in a year abroad study program in Leisure Sciences and Forestry/Natural Resources.  During that time I met and became friends with an Alistair Guild who was raised in Edinburgh at I believe, 11 or 15 Arboretum Road. I can’t qutie recall the house address this moment.

I lived at 21 Kilmauers Road in the New Town.  I had searched in recent time for Alistair on Facebook and did not find him there, but rather found an article in Lothian Life written by Suse Coon in 02_07 about Sir Patrick Geddes, the urban town planner involved in the revival of the Old Town.  The article mentioned Alistair Guild of the Scottish Arts Club as a judge of a project.

I am hopeful that this may well be the Alistair Guild I knew. We kept in touch for many years but lost touch about 20 years ago. He would be mid to late 50’s, much as I am, and he trained initially as a Barister Lawyer, worked for the BBC on and off and in journalistic pursuits in London, where I last heard from him, and was also studying Geology in the mid to late 1980’s.
To wit, my final day in Scotland, in Edinburgh was a guest at his parents home on Arboretum Road. I’ve never been back to Edinburgh but my time there is remembered fondly. I would very much like to get in touch with Alistair Guild or have him reply in the event this is the Alistair Guild I speak of.
Your help is much appreciated. I’m sorry I don’t have a scanned photo of him. I have one we took in a photo booth at the train station that is quite small. He always told me he had one of me he kept in his wallet for years. Such is young infatuation.
My name is Marti Bridges and I live in Boise, Idaho. At the time of University I was affliliated in the United States with Colorado State University and lived in the state of Colorado. But I have lived in Idaho since I graduated with my B.S in Forestry and Natural Resources in 1976.
I can be reached at I can also be found on Facebook at Marti Bridges, Boise, Idaho.  My interests and pursuits still include kayaking, which I learned while a student at Edinburgh, and pursue to this very day.
Kindest regards regarding this rather unusual note and request. I have to start somewhere and would very much love to catch up with Alistair, find out if he ever married, where his life has taken him, etc.
Ms. Marti Bridges
3127 Crane Creek Road
Boise, Idaho  USA


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