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Thursday, November 25th, 2010 at 4:43 pm
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Warm and Toasty

Brrr. Just as the temperature is really dropping, we’ve got some good news for people who like warm feet. Heat holders socks have been tested to achieve a thermal tog rating of 2.34, which is pretty impressive! They kept my feet warm whilst kayaking  in temperatures of 5 degrees off the Mull of Kintyre this weekend.

I was daft enough to take the boat to the water’s edge in trainers and got caught by a wave – wet feet right from the start. I debated changing but decided to test the socks wet, as they are pink and the alternative was to take them for a run through a bog, which seemed like cruelty to all things pink.

As well as wanting to see how they performed wet, I was very reluctant to take them off at all, as the extra long, brushed pile which provides the brilliant thermal properties really do give a luxuriously soft, cosy feel. And, as I’d hoped, once I was moving and warming up, so did the socks and my feet.

So, these really warm socks are great for anyone who goes out in the winter, whether it’s walking, running or building snowmen, and they are also great for elderly people whose circulation isn’t kept going by exercise.

The ones I tried are knee length and so great for wearing with wellies but they do come in a range of colours and sizes including kids’ sizes. With straight toes and no heels, they fit either foot and don’t seem to slip into uncomfortable ridges.

The RRP for a pair of Heat Holders starts at just £7.99. Please see the Sock Shop website at for range details, prices and where to purchase.

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