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Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 12:52 am
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Cloudberry Castle

The name Janey Louise Jones has become synonymous with the extremely popular Princess Poppy Series. Now Edinburgh based Jones develops a new heroine, Katie Mackenzie, who tells us the story of her love for ballet.

When the Mackenzie family’s neighbour dies, leaving them the old castle, it seems as though they will not be able to afford to keep it – but Katie can’t bear to see it sold to a hotel chain and makes plans to open it as a ballet school. Why she doesn’t involve her parents in her plans is slightly unconvincing but glossing over that, this is going to be a hugely enjoyable book for ballet fans as well as fans of spooky old castles.

This is a story of believing you can do anything you want, not necessarily easily, this isn’t a place for dreamers, but with sensible research and planning. It’s a hopeful message.

Cloudberry Castle (Kelpies) can be purchased here from Amazon.

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