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Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at 11:40 am
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Dining With Gusto

George Street is pretty well full of restaurants which cater for business people, whether for lunchtime meetings or after work dining. Gusto is one such establishment so where better to go with your editor for Thursday lunch?

She was scribbling away at a slightly cramped table for two when I arrived. Without being asked, the maitre d took pity on us and offered us a quieter and larger table so that was quite generous as there were only two large tables left.

The lunch deal was a main course and glass of wine for £8.95 but we were given the a la carte menu and had to ask for the lunch menu. There was a good selection and we opted for a vegetarian pasta and a shredded duck salad, specifically Vegetable primavera with pine nuts, parmesan, cream, and mozarella tossed with penne and warm shredded duck with crisp pancetta and asparagus on a bed of summer leaves with a honey and lemon dressing.

Gusto penneThe penne was a bit on the chewy rather than the al dente side when it arrived but once mixed in with the sauce it improved. The flavours were subtle and pleasant and the slightly crunchy texture of the pine nuts rather fun.

Gusto duckThe duck was nicely presented, light and with good flavours in the salad.

The glass staircase is an attractive feature leading to another seating area, but once up there, the increase in temperature would not have been pleasant for sitting. The ladies toilets are also rather inconveniently up there (of course there is a lift) while the gentlemen go downstairs.

All in all, a very reasonable dining experience, good value for money and with good service.

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