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Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 5:43 pm
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Scottish Disabled Golf Partnership (SDGP) What we are About

This group is a registered Scottish charity (registration number SC041000) full of fun loving golfers, young and old, male and female, who enjoy a good swing of the golf club (standard of play is not important), wherever they are in Scotland.

The SDGP is still open to anyone with a disability, serious health problem or mobility issue. Our participants consist of amputees, deaf, blind, those with learning disabilities, and epileptic golfers, amongst many others.

It has provided those with challenging circumstances in life something significant to look forward to, on a regular basis. One of our members had not left his home for a considerable period of time, after suffering a stroke, and losing the use of his right arm. Since joining the SDGP his confidence has soared, as he has said in our informational video, which can be found at, along with many other pictures and information.

Another of our members was heading for depression, after the death of a young family member, on top of significant problems with his medication. Simply participating in events with the SDGP, pulled him through an extremely difficult period of his life, and has continued to significantly boost his sense of self esteem.

Should you be a golfer, by promoting us within your club, we would be extremely grateful. Alternatively, from a professional point of view, you may wish to consider PR opportunities through sponsorship of one of our events. We have two significant Scottish Championships scheduled for 2010. Again, details of such opportunities are available on our website,

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