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Monday, December 21st, 2009 at 4:03 am
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Zama Zama Try Your Luck

In this, their 30th year of recording, the Battlefield Band  have produced as good an album as anything they have achieved before.The variety of traditional music and self written (mainly by Alan Reid) songs, social comment and foot-tapping jigs is typical of their repertoire.

When it comes to story telling, the album transcends the centuries, exploring themes of wealth and greed in whaling, mining and human nature in general. Somewhere during the recording of this album, the world’s economy was cast into disarray and the album became predictive!

Says Alan Reid, “This album started as a collection of songs and tunes about gold. But as we searched, like the alchemists of old, it turned into a wider idea. In the process we saw the greed, disasters and victories inherent in the search and exploitation of various sources of wealth in this world. Then, as if by demonic serendipity, along came the worldwide economic crisis. We watched the major banks, insurance companies and Hedge Funds etc., implode, discrediting the entire financial system and many of its managers and advisers – but there was still more to come. We, in Britain, could only stand and watch aghast as many Members of Parliament, and the House of Lords at Westminster, ‘the Mother of Parliaments’ were exposed for their cynical misuse of the expenses system, often amounting to fraud. As we put this album together we have been amazed, angered, depressed and hilariously horrified.’

Politics aside, these are the kings of contemporary Scottish traditional music with a rare combination of musicianship and innovation. Zama Zama is sure to be a success.

Zama Zama: Try Your Luck is available from Amazon here

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