EmoTrance – Transforming Emotions

Jo Spaczynska, an EmoTrance Trainer from Edinburgh, explains how you can benefit from EmoTrance.

Emotrance is an amazingly simple yet profoundly effective form of energy psychology created by Silvia Hartmann in 2002, to enable people to release the pressure build up of emotions we all carry in our bodies. It enables us to understand where our emotions come from and how to deal with them. It also helps us become more body aware.

EmoTrance heals the energy body. Emotions arise as part of our human response to life experiences and are a direct feedback response in the body’s subtle energy system.

Emotions are very important. They affect our body and our mind, our thoughts and actions, every day. Our decision making processes are generally not based on logic, but on emotions.

If we have an exciting job interview we may feel “butterflies” in our stomachs. The “butterflies” are stuck energy. In EmoTrance we would concentrate on the stomach, remember that the “butterflies” are just energy. Using our intention we would focus on that area and allow the energy to soften and flow, and in doing so, encourage the energy to leave the body, through which ever route it needs to take. It is as simple as that.

When our energy system is flowing naturally we feel emotions such as acceptance, understanding, clarity, peace, happiness, compassion, joy etc., however, when our energy system is blocked or disturbed, we are more likely to feel emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame etc. These emotions hold us back in many different ways in our lives.

EmoTrance is such a simple and natural process which can be used in many different circumstances, anywhere, and with people of any age. One of the great advantages of EmoTrance is that people do not need to tell their story, therefore are not re-traumatised. It can be totally content free and can be used to accelerate counselling and psychotherapy work.

Another of the great advantages of EmoTrance is that we can learn how to nourish our bodies too. Some days we just wake up and our energy is low, we can’t be bothered. On days like that, with EmoTrance, we could bring in the energy of the sun, or the energy of our favourite place to nourish and energise ourselves.

By using EmoTrance on a regular basis we can become more aware of our own energy, assist it to flow naturally restoring and nourishing our emotional bodies and balancing our whole body, making us feel better. This is called the Even Flow.

For further information about EmoTrance and EmoTrance Training please contact either Jo Spaczynska 0131 556 8878 or email info@a-zingtherapies.co.uk or Gordon Soutar 0131 467 0238 or email gsoutar@gmail.com

Jo Spaczynska and Gordon Soutar are both complementary practitioners who work from a number of centres in Edinburgh. EmoTrance and EFT sessions can be conducted over the telephone.

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Jo Spaczynska

I am a complementary practitioner based in Edinburgh. I began my training in 1988 and am still learning. My main ways of working are CranioSacral Therapy and energy work that is EmoTrance (I am one of only a few Scottish Trainers) and EFT.

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  1. hi i have been learning the law of attraction and cosmic ordering at home for quite a few years now. i practice it on a daily basis.i have been trying to find like minded people but no one in my area has ever heard of it.part of my goal is to teach this to others but i would like the qualifications to go with it.thanks to the law of attraction i have turned my life around and i also run two business’s and have five children.could any one in your team be able to advise me as i am unsure of the next step any advice or guidance you could give me would be deeply apprieciated. kind regards angela
    i live in airdrie near glasgow

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