Author: Mary Kalugerovich

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 8:55 pm
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Miscarriage of Justice

(With acknowledgment to Tom Leonard)

Some cairry-oan
in the toon this year
The centenury i the galiday
Fat loat A care
Nivver goat oanu lorry yit
Aye hudti go in the walk
Worse nur that
Nivver goat ti be u fairy
Ut the skil
the heidmaister cum inti the room
n aw the lassies hudti go oot
oanti the flair
furti git pickt
‘Margaret n Mary,’
siz he richt aff the sneck
afore wud even goat uz
faur uz the fronti the class –
she sut aside me
n we wur baith big –
‘Margaret n Mary back ti thur sates’
an that wus oor gas inu peep
Whit’s mair
when it cum hur turn
ma sister goat ti be wan
n shid nae front teeth
ut the time tae
Wuv u photy i ur
oan the back green
wi ur wand n everythin

Hunner years ur nae hunner years
They kin git oanwi it

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