Dress your salad in one calorie

As the enormity of the obesity crisis is causing concern for the nation’s health, the brand leader in low fat spray cooking oils, extends its unique range of one-Calorie-per-spray cooking oils and introduces Salad Light® a new concept in Salad Dressings. Try it with our summer pasta with Asparagus recipe.

Rapeseed oil is the lowest in saturates of all common oils and high in mono-unsaturates and Omega 3 fatty acids. It resists oxidation at high temperatures so it is particularly well suited for high temperature cooking.

FryLight® Rapeseed Oil uses these characteristics, along with its unique and patented one-calorie-per-spray system, to provide a cholesterol-free, cleaner, more convenient and healthy option to other cooking oils. It is worth noting that one tablespoon of oil, which you might use to fry an egg, provides 120 Calories, while 4 sprays of FryLight® would do exactly the same job, thus saving 116 Calories. Versatile FryLight® is extremely economical at £1.99 (250 ml can) and is the equivalent of 7 litres of ordinary oil.

Of course, FryLight® is not just for cooking a typical bacon and egg breakfast, it’s a versatile product that can be used to fry onions as a basis for many every day recipes, and to make fabulous soups, pancakes, casseroles, pasta, meat, poultry and fish dishes, not to mention delicious desserts.

FryLight® Rapeseed Oil, in the shops now, is initially available from branches of Sainsburys. FryLight®Rapeseed Oil joins the existing range of the brand’s three other non-aerosol sprays, namely: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil and Better than Butter.

The answer to light salad dressings

As Summer beckons, fresh salads are on the menu – especially if you’re trying to shed a bit of extra weight. But all too often, salads are drowned with fat laden dressings.
Salad Light® is a new concept in salad dressings; as its name suggests this new product is a low fat dressing which, like FryLight®, boasts a patented system delivering a measured one Calorie per spray at the touch of a button.

Salad Light is available in two delicious varieties, Caesar Dressing and Balsamic Dressing, each at a very affordable £1.99 (250 ml). Initially, Salad Light® is available through branches of Tesco stores.

Versatile, with-all-year-round convenience, Salad Light® makes a welcome addition to the kitchen cupboard.

If you are following a healthy eating plan, you’ll enjoy this recipe.

fusiliSummer pasta with Asparagus.

If you are following a low GI diet, it’s important to use whole wheat pasta but you can try other fresh seasonal vegetables to make this dish, such as sugar snaps, thin green beans and fresh peas. Although asparagus can be expensive, this style of dish make a little go a long way. Asparagus has only an eight week picking period and is coming into the shops now. Make the most of it!
Serves 4.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes.

I bundle fresh asparagus
1 bunch spring onions, trimmed
2 medium courgettes
2 cloves garlic
250g cherry tomatoes
salt and freshly grpund black pepper
FryLight® Rapeseed oil
150ml vegetable stock
juice of half a lemon
small handful basil leaves
225g whole wheat fusili
150g ricotta cheese

To prepare the asparagus, break the woody ends off and discard, then cut off the tips and cut the stalk into 3cm lengths. Cut the spring onions the same length, trim the courgettes and slice and finely chop the garlic.
Cook the pasta in boiling water for 10 minutes, until it is just tender, al dente.
Meanwhile, halve the tomattoes and arrange on a foil lined grill pan, season and spray about 15 times with FryLight®, then cok under a hot grill for about 3-4 minutes until golden, remove from the heat.
To cook the vegetables, heat a large non-stick frying pan, spray about 15 times with FryLight® then add the asparagus tips and stalks, spring onions and courgettes and stir fry until slightly browned. Add the garlic and stir together for 1 minute.
Pour in the stock and allow it to bubble up over a high heat for 2 minutes. Add the lemon juice and tomatoes and season.
Drain the pasta, add to the vegetables and toss together.
Serve in bowls, crumble the ricotta over and scatter with basil.

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