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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 at 11:23 pm
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A Second Chance for Hewats

Hewat’s Restaurant in Causewayside, just to the South of Edinburgh’s city centre, received a somewhat harsh review in this year’s List guide to Eating and Drinking, so I thought I’d give it a second chance, so to speak. What a good decision it proved to be! The newly laid out waiting area was superb, and the décor in the restaurant itself had a warm, bright feel to it, though the modern art may not be to everyone’s taste.

Here’s a small tip for you. If you’re looking for a romantic night out, ask for one of the side tables at the front of the restaurant. They have lovely candles on the wall immediately to the side of your table, providing the perfect atmosphere for such an evening.

The tables were well spaced out, so we had no tight squeezes to nip to the facilities, which were in excellent condition. The waiting staff were polite and attentive, giving a very professional service. The one slight disappointment was when I asked what I felt was a fairly basic question, “what is a rump of lamb?” The waitress did not know but she did go and find out.

Hewat's restaurant

The menu itself was excellent, with ample choice to cater for all tastes. The only two dishes I would query would be the haggis starter, which at first glance appears to have too many ingredients for the dish to really work. The List certainly thought so, and I have to confess it deterred us from trying it. Also, the menu did not state the weights of the Aberdeen Angus beef, priced at £17.95, and £19.95.

For starters we had tomato soup and cullen skink with mussels. The soup tasted extremely smooth and pleasant, my wife assured me. I found the cullen skink with mussels most enjoyable too. The flesh of the mussels detached themselves from their shells with ease.

For a main dish my wife opted for the baked aubergine and gave it the thumbs up. I asked for the lamb, medium to well done and medium to well done it came, tasting superb. The potatoes, courgette and cabbage were equally good.

The sweet menu offered good variety, although I would suggest the second gourmet cheeseboard to be slightly overboard, if you forgive the pun! I find that even a standard cheeseboard can be more than ample so perhaps the gourmet version could be promoted as a cheeseboard for two?

All in all, we had a fantastic evening at Hewat’s. Excellent food, service of a high and most personable quality, and all good value. We are looking forward to going back!

Hewat's seabassSeabass salmon is one of the most popular items on Hewat’s menu and we asked the chef to give us one of his special recipes. He chose the seabass salmon and black tiger prawns with light garlic fish nage, served with crushed potatoes and Thai asparagus. Here it is!

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